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I am a Registered Nurse, and have worked in healthcare (primarily pediatrics) since 2002; the last 9 years have been spent in the NICU as a RN. Those of us who work in healthcare are mentally, and physically exhausted. As my outlet to decompress, I've always found comfort in my kitchen. My kitchen has always been magical to me; since the age of 15. As the years have gone by, I've encountered numerous health problems. I was overmedicated, and miserable. I was at my breaking point when I finally took a chance on cannabis health. In particular, whole flower hemp CBD. When I saw my health, and wellness improve dramatically, I knew I was on to something.

From there, I began to pay attention to what I was putting in my body. Seeing as our skin is the body's largest organ, it's important we also pay attention to what we're putting on our skin. I made my first successful probiotic deodorant after a year of countless misses, and ruined batches. By this point, my good friend, and neighbor Jess challenged me to try my hand at a CBD skincare product for the face. Because I've had a weird obsession with skincare since 5th grade, it was a challenge I couldn't pass up. Seeing how CBD brought down inflammation in my body (yes I have lab results that have proved this, which is why my rheumatologist has encouraged me to continue treating myself), I began to wonder if it could do the same for my skin. The results were undeniable. 

Because the hemp, and cannabis industries are still relatively new under law; there is a lot of room for shady practices. I've been incredibly fortunate to partner up with Latina hemp farmer Sue, owner of Ranchera Farms in the Central Valley of California, and buy my hemp exclusively from her. Her boutique hemp always comes with COA's; which are super important to ensure authenticity, cleanliness, and potency. She uses native, indigenous practices in her farming. Everything is grown naturally, and without the use of pesticides, or harsh chemicals. I only use the best ingredients for my own family, which means only the best for you. The hemp flower I use in my products, is the very same flower I use to make my own medicine. Occasionally, I make the relatively short drive to Sue's farm with my dog Lana for puppy play dates, while we hang out on the deck surrounded by the beautiful hemp she grows. Because the Latinx community is still VERY under-represented in the hemp/cannabis industries, it was important that we (both Latinas, both jefas, both chingonas) come together, and help each other build our businesses up. Not all hemp is equal. Not all CBD skincare is equal. I know exactly where my CBD is derived from. Not many people can say the same.

All ingredients outside of hemp used are cosmetic grade, and purchased through a lab, and wholesaler that specialize in naturally based, Ayurvedic skincare. All oils and butters have been third party tested, and come with COA's as well. 

The Bitchy Hippie was born, and bred in the kitchen of a house I was renting. A humble beginning, for such an incredible journey. These days, I make, and create in my very own kitchen now. I've created these handmade products based off of my own needs, that have helped others suffering with problematic skin. Along with amazing CBD skincare products, I now offer a variety of cannabis nursing services to help you navigate the world of hemp, and cannabis with confidence. 

I currently reside in Fresno, CA with my husband, 2 daughters, 3 cats, and 1 dog. I enjoy skincare, hot yoga, running outdoors, and all things cannabis. My 2 daughters help me with my business when they have time outside of competitive softball, and even make their own CBD products with my help, and guidance. My husband is my official breaker down of boxes, and moving heavy shit. I still work in the hospital setting as a NICU RN. 

My hope through this business, is that you find reliable, reputable, and quality skincare. That you gain more knowledge in cannabis health, and wellness. While shopping from my website, you are also supporting other women-owned businesses.


Peace, love, and cannabis,

Adriana RN

Whole Flower CBD  Skincare creator, Cannabis Nurse, and Consultant


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