One On One


With Adriana Our Licensed Registered Nurse

Looking to incorporate cannabis into your health, and wellness specific to your needs? Then this tailored wellness consultation service and starter kit is for you. As a licensed Registered Nurse and our topical partner, Adrianas insight into health & wellness are perfect for producing positive balances within your life.  Her personalized education is designed all around the very unique aspects of you curated through western and eastern medicine.  We realize there's not a one size fits all regimen for anyone now a days.  Which is why Adriana takes the time to carefully review your past and present health wheel to work in tandem with where you are at this moment and where you want to be.  These individual consultations come with the following:

• RN reviewed health, and medication history

• 1 hour virtual meeting

• Cannabis health plan, and summary of meeting

• Educational handouts/resources

• Curated cannabis starter kit - Designed especially for you 

• 1 month follow up.


Intro pricing starts at $50.

If this is a service you are interested in, please “purchase” through Adriana's Website HERE.  She will follow up with you via email within 48 hours.  

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