Compost Teas Made Easy; Whipping Up The Perfect Feeds With Aeromixer and Aerator

Making Compost Teas Aeromixer One of our favorite ways to feed nutrients to our crops is through making organic compost teas.


We fell in love with the Oregon based company Aeromixer and their aerating technology. Using this allows us to add oxygen to our water, to brew and aerate the tea. There are many teas you can buy already made or you can concoct your own nutrient blend yourself. The how-to below is for veg only. Our step-by-step process using the Tea Terp Bloom from Roots Organic - OMRI Approved.

What you will need Water Tank Tea Terp Bloom Fine mesh bag Aeromixer & Aerator

1. using a 50 gallon tank or whatever size you have fill with water.
2. Make sure your Aeromixer is sitting flat on the base of your tank, the clear hose is attached and out of the water and your power cord is plugged in.
3. Using a measuring cup you will add one ounce of Tea Terp Bloom per one gallon of water into your mesh bag and tie off. 50 gallons = 50 ounces
4. Hang your bag in the water with a string tied to it and have the other end of the string hanging out so you can pull it out.
5. Your aerator and the Aeromixer are connected together or you can just have the aerator plugged in directly if you don’t have the Aeromixer.
6. Using the controls on the Aeromixer you can set the time and the speed.
7. Typically you’d want to set the time for 12-24 hours, we like to leave ours overnight.
8. After the desired time passes, water.

Besos, Sue

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