The Rancheras


Who Are We?

We are the Rancheras, Influential Boutique Hemp Cultivators of the Wild Wild West! 

What Do We Do?

We Bring The Fuego Sun Grown Terpene Powered CBD Flower!

When Did We Start?

2018 in Oregon, Now Located in Central Valley, California!

What Do We Rep?

Beauty, Intelligence, Artistic Creation, Ambition, and HIGHHH Standards!

Why We Love What We Do?

 We Love What We Grow and We Love You!

 Who Is Ranchera Mamí?

She is our owner, founder and head farmer known as the Reina(Queen) of Hemp!  She is the first Latina in the US to create hemp genetics.  Sue is known for embodying her femininity, art and deepening a connection to the plant through her work within agriculture.  Her community work involves hosting women from all countries, hosting local workshops, speaking and presenting at cannabis and hemp events from topics on native farming techniques to presenting scientific research on Women Within Cannabis Agriculture.  Ranchera Mamí truly exemplifies being a positive role model and mentor for Women all over the world.  



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