Cold pressed CBD Hemp Leaf How To Press Hemp Leaves Preserve Flat Lay

How To Cold Press CBD Hemp Leaves

Preserving your leafs through cold pressing is a great way to maintain beautiful coloration and structure for a lifetime.

Cold pressed CBD Hemp Leaf How To Press Hemp Leaves Preserve Flat Lay

What You Will Need

CBD Hemp Leaves
Tissue or Parchment Paper
Books or Anything You Have To Weight It Down


You will want to get your pressing station ready, set out out your cardboard with tissue overlayed.  For every layer of leafs, you will need to add in a layer of tissue, then cardboard or thick stock papers.  This removes creased, furling of the leaves, and even dry time.  Lay the leaves facing down, this ensures when you place your tissue paper the leaf edges push down into the paper, avoiding the edges from folding over.  Your leaves should be within two pieces of tissue paper and two pieces of cardboard for every layer.   These layers can be stacked on top of each other with the weight on top, we like to use something we have around the house such as books - you really want to make sure your weight covers your entire cardboard surface for an even press.  Your leaf presses should be placed within a non-heated area of your house or shop to start the cold press process.  Cold-pressing is the opposite of flash drying or heat drying in which your leaves will come out full of color - completely flat.  Flash or heat drying will produce a more tobacco like leaf that will be brown/yellow in color. 
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