How To Juice Fresh CBD Hemp Leaves

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There are a lot of amazing potential benefits of juicing your CBD hemp leaves.  You can either use fresh or frozen(thawed out) leafs for juicing.  Always wash your produce including your leafs before using, be sure to purchase or use leafs that are pesticide, toxins, and heavy metal free(CLICK HERE 💕. )
When using a juicer, sometimes a masticating juicer is best for the leaves as your normal juicer may get clogged easier.  If you are using a standard juicer, you can add in small amounts water slowly to your juicer to help the plant material glide, breakdown and separate efficiently and effectively.  In general for both juicers the plant material your leafs should be added in cautiously slow.  CBD Hemp Leaves are fibrous and require their own unique method to juicing, unlike more water based fiber like wheat grass.  
Have extra?  No worries, use an ice cube trey and freeze the remaining for daily doses of pure goodness.  
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