How To Roll A Thai Stick CBD Hemp Cannagar With Fresh Leaves

Rolling Up Cannagars The Traditional Way

What You Will Need

CBD Hemp Leaves (3-5, Wide Indica Dominate Leaves)
CBD Hemp Flower 3.5g-7g
CBD Hemp Distillate or Rosin
Wooden Skewer or Dried Hemp Stem
Hemp Wick
Parchment Paper
Paint Brush


Let's start by getting our supplies ready, on a baking trey roll out your parchment to size.  Place all your supplies on your clean working area.  Taking one skewer and your flower you will start to mold your flower around your skewer or hemp stick.  You will use your hands within gloves to press and shape your flower firmly to the stick.  Using a piece of parchment paper cut to the size of your sticks desired length you can smooth out your stick that is fitted with the flower by rolling the mold as if it was cookie dough you are tying to save for later.  Once your shape has been made you will wrap it evenly with the hemp wick, this is an important step to make sure that the outside of the mold is smooth without major ridges to ensure your leaves go on smoothly.  Molds can be purchased too as more of a new age technique to cut down on time and processing.  After 48 hours remove the hemp wick.  Using your honey and distillate we are going to make an adherence for your leaves.  One Part Honey, One Part Distillate, and 10 Parts Water.  You only need a small dipping cup, like the size of the sauce containers at restaurants.  Heating up your honey and oil will make it more viscous and allow you to paint it on without glowing.  Starting always at one end first and working your way to the other end.  You will paint the leaves with the adherence, slowly starting to wrap your fresh CBD hemp leafs around the very top where the skewer sticks out, slightly spirally down.  Cover all your space up with the leaves.  Sometimes it helps to start wrapping your wick around the top portion you have started to adhere down or if you are using a mold just keep wrapping with the leaves.   Your direction of leaves and the synchronicity of the leaves themselves will dictate your burning pattern.  Once you have reached the bottom make sure that the leafs are wrapped around the top piece with the skewer coming out.  After 48 hours sitting in a cool dark location you will slowly start to unwrap your Thai CBD Hemp Stick.  To remove the skewer from the inside start to spin it in a circle going back and forth until it is loose.  Cut any excess leaf around the stick so it does not pull the whole leaf when removing the skewer.  Pull the skewer out and you're ready to light up and show off your traditional rolling skills.  
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