Our Favorite Dab Device; Zenco Bubbler

As a medical patient myself in the state of California I have had the pleasure of indulging in all the forms of accessible smoking.  Most of the time I prefer flower all day through pre-rolls as a beautiful time for meditation and habitual rituals.  Though as a patient I can experience extreme fatigue, spasms, nausea, and pain from my health disorders so to say that Zenco has met all my expectations and more I mean it.  It has been years, actually I can pin point the exact last times I used a device for smoking concentrates and that was from the old school Volcanos.  When I had originally seen the Zenco on IG, I was initially blown away with the concept of being able to literally use a straw and drink from the glass piece.  The ease of it really soothed me; because of severe nausea episodes I have always had the worst time using bongs or electronic smoking devices.  It would actually induce vomiting and fainting spells.  
Honestly I was beyond stoked to find something that I felt I could moderate my intakes all through a drinking or sipping like method from the Zenco.  Knowing its a medical approved vaporizer in 6 states in the US, is important as not just patients in the US, but as consumers in the US of medical or recreational herb.  The evolution of smoking apparatuses is exactly what we need companies to strive for the the health of all of ours users, so thank you to Zenco for putting patients like me and us first.
Besos, Ranchera Mami<3
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