Sunglass High; What We Use As Outdoor Farmers To Protect Our Eyes

We as farmers and anyone who work/play in harsh lighting environment know the importance of taking care and protecting our bodies including our beautiful eyes and if you don't now you know!  My favorite sunnies to stay stylish and protected in are the Method Sevens.  They are anti-resin wicking so you know as weed farmers you will appreciate it and even our fellow tomatillo or tomato farmers resin is no joke.  

I love the fact that I can wear these and the lenses do not distort the coloration of what I am seeing so there's little on and off again action of wearing.  Personally I have two sets of the lenses; The Lennox Sun Polarized and The Duchess FX Classics.  As a farmer who loves staying in style even if it is just for my girls I totally approve of the sexy Italian style frames with beautiful natural viewing.  The other pair I have the Duchess collab pair is perfect for full-eye coverage for full-spectrum; every and any angel your eyes stay shielded from the sun in the large wide frames.  



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