Vital Organic Hemp Gardening - Veg State


Organic gardening for us ensures that we use the safest nutrients for our land, animals and people consuming our products at Ranchera Familia.  We love how easy it is to use Vital Garden Supply's Organic liquid nutrient line.  One of the benefits for using the Vital veg combination of liquid veg, cal-mag and baseline humus is that the microbial does all the work for us.  There is no need to utilize PH up or Down as the magical action takes place for us within the soil.  Vital Garden Supply Organic line is approved by the CDFA for Organic inputs.  Here is our recipe for our feeding during Vegetative growth below.  Be sure to check out Vital Garden Supply here for all our nutrient intake needs.  


Application Rate 2-3x Per Week
Veg Recipe Per 1 Gallon of Water
3TSP or 15ML of Vital Veg
2TSP or 10ML of Vital Cal-Mag
2TSP or 10ML of Vital Baseline Liquid Humus
Start with figuring out how many gallons of water you will need for your plants.  Get your water in your tank or bucket filled.  Multiply how many gallons you are doing by the feed rate for instance; if you have a 50 gallon tank you want to multiply by 3tsp for Vital Veg - 150tsp or 750ML would be your dosing for your 50 gallon water.  Add in each ingredient one at a time mixing thoroughly after each dosing.  Water each plant for a 10% runoff.  



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