Ranchera Familia: Cultivating Excellence in Hemp

Meet Sue Carlton, the Reina (Queen) of Hemp and the driving force behind Ranchera Familia. Notably, she is the first Latina in the U.S. to create hemp genetics. Sue’s passion for her work extends beyond farming – she embodies femininity, artistry, and a profound connection to the plant. Her dedication shines through in her community efforts, which include hosting women from around the world, leading local workshops, and speaking at cannabis and hemp events.

Ranchera Mamí, as Sue is affectionately known, is a trailblazing figure in the world of hemp cultivation. Located in Central Valley, California, Ranchera Familia brings you sun-grown, terpene-powered CBD flower with an unwavering commitment to beauty, intelligence, artistic creation, ambition, and high standards. They not only love what they grow; they love their community.

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s not only acknowledge the incredible achievements of these Latin-owned cannabis brands but also recognize the positive impact they are making on the industry and the communities they serve. Their stories remind us that the cannabis world is not just about products; it’s about people, empowerment, and celebration.


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