Cannabadie Feature - Meet Ranchera Mami!

So you guys know I am a serial social media scroller. My most recent obsession (Tik Tok) has an absolute chokehold on my life. In an effort to share my favorite accounts, I’m launching a new series over in the “Celebrities” section for popular social media accounts that I enjoy.

And I am kicking off this series with one of my favorite accounts in the industry.

And one that I know many of you follow as well. @rancheramami on Instagram is the account for the owner of Ranchera Familia Farm. On their website they state that Sue is “the first Latina in the US to create hemp genetics”. Well I am here for all her Latina canna-content.

via @rancheramami on Instagram

Amongst videos of her farm animals munching on CBD leaves, to luxurious selfies in fields of flowers, her account is on my Mood Board.

I am absolutely in love with the way her account is such a real representation. I mean, talk about romanticizing life on a hemp farm! Her pictures are swoon worthy, and always on brand. From the Corona beers, to the joint-laden selfies, I’m living for her confidence. But trust me when I say, my obsession with her is not just superficial.

Sue frequently discusses the hurdles she’s faced as a woman and Latina in the hemp industry.

In fact, one of the reasons why her content is so powerful is because of what we know about the industry today. That less than 5% of cannabis executives are Minority women. Putting Sue Carlton in a very exclusive group.

I relate to her on so many levels. From holding strong to her Hispanic culture, to being unafraid of portraying her sexy and fun sides. I often find myself searching for these canna-soul sisters. Women who I have yet to meet, but who inspire my journey in this industry. Sue is passionate in inspiring BIPOC and understands what representation should look like.

Ranchera Familia is her high quality CBD products. One of her viral products is her joint crown.

She also has a number of accessories created from the dry leaves of her CBD plants. Beautiful hair pins and earrings. Make sure you check out Ranchera Familia, and follow Sue on Instagram to stay up to date with her dreamy feed.

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