Fat Nuts: UNIDAS ESTAMOS - Written By Sue Carlton

In the thriving landscape of the cannabis industry, there's a bright star who not only excels professionally but also tirelessly advocates for Hispanic culture, women-led businesses, and the growth of Latinx-owned enterprises. Meet Susie, a remarkable force in the industry, whose journey is characterized by resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity.

Susie is not just a name; she's a symbol of Latina leadership and empowerment in cannabis. She's a trailblazer, a mentor, and a source of inspiration for many. Chelly, the owner of XiCali Products, acknowledges Susie's significance within the community, stating, "Susie is an important leader by all accounts."

Susie's distinction lies not only in her professional accomplishments but in her steadfast dedication to creating safe spaces where creators, entrepreneurs, and journalists, especially from the Latina community, can flourish. Her advocacy for Hispanic culture is not just a mission but a living testament to her commitment.

Sue, the owner of Ranchera Familia, is one of the beneficiaries of Susie's unyielding support. Sue shares, "Susie has always been supportive of me." This support goes far beyond words, as Susie has consistently provided Sue's brand with paid sponsored opportunities at events. Additionally, she has been an abundant source of marketing and PR assistance, embodying her genuine desire to see others thrive.

In her quest to provide space for Latinas and Latina-owned businesses to grow, Susie has blazed a trail that others can follow. Her impact extends far beyond her immediate circle, as she champions a more inclusive and equitable cannabis industry.

Yet, Susie's journey has not been without its challenges. A lawsuit attempted to silence her voice, a reminder of the uphill battle many Latina women face in the corporate world. However, Susie's story has become a rallying cry to address these systemic issues and fight for equality.

Statistics reveal the stark disparities faced by Latinas, from unequal pay to underrepresentation in leadership roles. Susie's journey calls us to address these inequalities head-on and work toward a more equitable future for all.

In the face of adversity, Susie's story continues to inspire. Her unwavering commitment to Hispanic culture, women-led businesses, and Latina-owned enterprises is a beacon of hope and progress.

Unidas Estamos, a group of women inspired by the voices in the historic Sept 30th weekend as the Instagram group Latinas In Cannabis celebrated National Latinas In Cannabis day, these women took a stand with Susie.  They invite you to join the cause, take action, and stand with Susie. Sign the petition, share Susie's story, and raise your voice for justice. Together, we can ensure that Susie's legacy is one of empowerment, growth, and a brighter future for all Latina leaders in cannabis.  


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