Grow House Media Announces 3rd Annual Taste of Texas Hemp Cup

Austin, Texas – The Taste of Texas Hemp Cup returns for its third year and is ready to determine the best-of-the-best craft hemp cultivators & concentrate makers in history! Taking place on December 10, 2022, at The Far Out Lounge in Austin, Texas, the historical event will crown worthy winners with some “Texas-sized” bragging rights.

This inspiring event provides an opportunity to come together as a community, taking part in festivities such as glass-blowing demonstrations, musical performances, and educational seminars. Of course, at the heart of this celebration are the awards presented where judges select the Top Hemp Flower and Hemp Concentrate in Texas based on a variety of criteria. Event attendees gain insight into how hemp farmers and growers create top-quality products while also recognizing these innovative individuals, who are some of the country’s best. Not only does The Taste of Texas Hemp Cup bring cannabis luminaries from all over the United States to experience all that our great state has to offer but it also serves as a reminder of why Texans have earned our distinction for producing superior hemp plants. After all, everything is bigger in Texas–even the terps.

Notable speakers at the event include:

Dan Herer, founder Jack Herer Original Brand & son of legendary cannabis advocate Jack Herer

Joy Beckerman, international hemp expert

Sue Carolton, California hemp cultivation master of Ranchera Familia (Ranchera Mami)

Russell Jessup, Texas A&M Hemp Research Program Director

Brian “Crocquito” Crockett, award-winning cannabis breeder of Crockett Family Farms


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