The Botanical Joint: Living ‘La Vida Ranchera’ On a Latina-Owned Hemp Farm Ranchera Familia

The Botanical Joint: Living ‘La Vida Ranchera’ On a Latina-Owned Hemp Farm

Discover The Botanical Joint’s Latina-Owned Hemp Farm

Written By: Veronica Castillo

Publisher: Ganjapreneur

At the age of 20, Sue started working in medical cannabis grows in Oregon; she consumed cannabis for pain and stress relief from reproductive disorders. Working with cannabis allowed her to get affordable flower and therapeutic relief from the plant. She transitioned to working with cannabis edibles, creating chocolate and other confections for a few years. She built the award-winning edible, Couch Potatoes. 

Welcome to The Botanical Joint, one of the only Latina-owned hemp farms in the country. Here, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainable, earth-friendly farming practices and our focus on creating high-quality CBD products. But we’re more than a farm – we’re also a lifestyle brand, inspired by the rich culture of the ranchera lifestyle.


At The Botanical Joint, we believe that living well means living sustainably. That’s why we incorporate eco-friendly farming practices into everything we do, from planting to harvesting to packaging our products. Our hemp is grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals, and is hand-harvested by our skilled team to ensure the highest quality. We use only natural ingredients in our products, and our packaging is fully recyclable, so you can feel good about your purchase from start to finish.


But The Botanical Joint isn’t just about sustainable farming – it’s also about celebrating the rich culture of the ranchera lifestyle. Inspired by our founder’s upbringing on a ranch, we’ve created a line of CBD products that are perfect for those seeking a balance of wellness and relaxation. Our range includes everything from tinctures to bath bombs, all made with high-quality CBD and natural ingredients.


So come experience ‘La Vida Ranchera’ with us at The Botanical Joint. Explore our range of products, learn more about our sustainable farming practices, and discover the joy of living a balanced, earth-friendly life. With The Botanical Joint, you can feel good about what you put in your body and the impact you have on the environment. Shop now and start living your best life today!

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