We All Grow Latina - 10 Latinas in Cannabis Sparking Change for La Comunidad

The marijuana industry has a history of criminalizing Black and Brown folks, but these Latinas in jefa positions are sparking change in the cannabis industry.

Every year, more cannabis and hemp brands emerge onto the scene as cannabis consumption is normalized more and more each day. With more and more mujeres and Latines in the cannabis industry, we’re reclaiming the plant as medicine and removing the stigma that has incarcerated millions of BIPOC. 

These mujeres are building canna-businesses and reclaiming the plant as medicine and wellness para la cultura and a means to build equity together. Meet the nine jefas that continue to blaze trails within canna-biz


Sue Carlton is the Founder and CEO of Ranchera Familia. She is an integrated business expert for marijuana and industrial hemp companies with almost a decade’s experience creating award-winning edibles, growing for recreational marijuana farms, and consulting on hemp start-ups.

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