Weed Traveler: California’s Heartland, Touring California’s Central Valley, in search of safe access.

Farming the Sierras



Sue Carlton of Rancheria Familia hosted us at her beautiful farm, complete with goats, chickens and a photo op with local photographer, Lucinda Ochoa. Carlton farms Hemp, cannabis plants high in cannabidiol or CBD. Hemp has the same full beneficial compound profile as high THC cannabis, but with a low THC count. She offers up prerolls in cartons, flower, salve, and crowns made of CBD prerolls. Her home is in Squaw Valley, perched on the edge of a lovely hill in the Sierras above the city of Fresno. A photo shoot in the garden had me wearing one of her crowns as the sun set behind the mountain. 

Farming is hard and in this restrictive market, not easy to get your products to town. Carlton is hopeful for a benefactor to purchase a full crop outright. Until then, she’ll dream up new ways to market her flower, her products, and herself, while frolicing on her hillside for all to witness on her busy Instagram account.


Visit Sue Carlton on her website, at https://www.rancherafamilia.com/ 

Follow Sue Carlton on Instagram @rancheramami 



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