COVID-19 Shipping

COVID and What To Expect For TBJ

Expect delays in shipping and tracking updating as the USPS is very busy working on fulfilling more orders now than ever, without the extra help. We are doing our best to make up for that by increasing our processing time and hiring on additional help so that we can reduce your wait time.

We are just as concerned about all of our health and safety, we can't comprise on those things that's for sure. So just know we are putting in 110% effort to ensuring your product delivery safe and sound.

Packages that show in transit or haven't been shipped at all wait 24 hours for an update via email and then contact the owner Sue personally at (503) 688 3149 text or call anytime.

If you'd like faster shipping time, we have priority(3-10 Days) and overnight(1-3 Days) available options. Current processing times are 5-10 days, with added standard shipping is 10-28 days total. For example if you bought your item on the 7th and it hasn't arrived it's the 18th, call us ASAP, or if it's only the 10th please give us a few days to work within our estimated time frame.

Remember that this is a crazy time we live in, always be kind to yourself and others as we all figure out how to navigate this journey together. We appreciate your patience and patronage.