Fundraiser For Black Owned CBD & Cannabis Businesses

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The Botanical Joint is hosting a fundraiser for Black owned CBD & Cannabis Companies that we have worked with for the past three years in business.  

Currently in the US, Black owners account for 4.9% of all cannabis businesses.   We understand that we will never understand what Black owners go through in business and in life, but we do feel the need to continue to encourage and highlight those companies.  

These companies are community focusedproviding education, resources, products and experience.  We believe in the success of theseowners and support their entrepreneurship fully.  

All proceeds will be split amongst these companies so that they can continue to grow.   Donating to companies like these Black owned CBD& Cannabis businesses allow them to focus on their direct community and demographics.  We feel that in order to better the US, we can start directly at the source by uplifting these companies so they can better facilitate their operations and provide affordable and accessible care to their people in their communities.  

Donate today or contact us directly to see what we can do to impact their lives and business for the greater good. 

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Sue(Thirdeyewitch) & Crocquito 
The Botanical Joint
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