Shipping Schedule: All Orders placed before 5:00 pm (CENTRAL STANDARD TIME) Monday through Friday will be shipped out within 1-2 business days.  

Shipping Options: We offer FREE Priority shipping on all orders via USPS for orders over $75.00.  All packages are sent according to customers’ shipping method requests (e.g., ground 5 day vs. three-day(priority).

Shipping Information:  Once your order has been submitted in 1-2 business days you will receive a tracking number via the email you provided us with.  Please contact us after 2 business days have passed of you have not received a tracking number.   Leaf orders can take 1-7 days for tracking numbers to generate.  

Shipping Requests:  If you have a specific need, please note those in the "Special Instructions" memo box on your checkout.  For any specific shipping requests or questions please send a message to or use our chat button right now on the left hand side of the screen   

 Holiday Shipping: Can increase your transit time up to 7 days.  Try using Priority or Express for a guaranteed rate from USPS or UPS. 

Shipping Undelivered: All packages shown undelivered after 14 days contact us via our chat below to contact us in regards to receiving your replacement.  

Weather or Catastrophic Events:  We reserve the right to hold shipments if we believe weather conditions (like extreme heat or flooding) that may impact the quality of our product or the safety of the Rancheras.  

For inquiries into USPS package deliveries, please visit this link,, and for inquiries into UPS package deliveries, visit this  link.


All orders come in Amber jars or inside commercial grade vacuum sealed bags and inside cardboard boxes.   Click here for our video of one of our flower jars being packaged.  

Each box is packaged with tissue paper or other care methods.

All orders come with a standard "Notice to Law Enforcement," attached to your order slip.

All orders come with a copy of the test results(COA) for that product’s corresponding batch.


For inquiries into USPS package deliveries, please visit the link below:

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Ranchera Familia Q&A

Where is Ranchera Familia located?

We are located in Fresno County, California at 2000 feet above elevation in the Sierra Mountains.

Who is Ranchera Familia? 

Ranchera familia was founded by Sue in 2018 in Oregon.  Ranchera Familia expanded its operation to in 2020 to California with the help of her fiancé and farm land partner Crocquito who is the Hemp Farm Advisory Specialist.  Lauren came on board later that year as the Chief Vibes Curator to handle the fine tune details of the design aspects of the brand.

What is our growing style?

Through promoting a balance of low energy use, investing in reusable farming styles such as cover cropping and in ground cages, seed propagation and preservation, and healthy garden inputs we can reduce our carbon footprint while revitalizing the land we live and farm on for generations after.  

Are your products sustainable? 

Are your products sustainable? 

Yes, they sure are.  We only source our packaging from companies in the US.  All of our glass packaging is completely reusable from the jars to the pre-roll tubes. All of our joint and cigarette tubes are 100% hemp, Even our CBD cigarettes come in a 100% hemp carton making it the first cigarette that is 100% completely made of industrial hemp in the world.

Do you grow your own flower?

All of our flowers are grown right here on our farm from seed to table, through eco-friendly farming practices including revitalizing the land and our no-waste model that ensures everything has a purpose. 

Do we make our own products?

100% We grow our flower in California and manufacture our products in Texas<3

Do we offer COA's?

Yes, we offer full-compliance test results available on all of our product pages tested by state of California accredited hemp testing facilities.

Do we offer topicals?

Yes, you can purchase our sister topical companies product at The Bitchy Hippie

Do you offer wholesale or white-labeling opportunities?

Yes, please click this link here to take you to our contact form to learn more and connect with us today.

Is your farm seasonal?

Our outdoor boutique flower is seasonal each year with harvest in September to October with 7 small batch varieties available?

Where Do You Ship From?

We ship from our licensed Texas Hemp Distribution Facility.