Collection: Ranchera Flower

Ranchera Familia offers a wide variety of hand-crafted artisanal hemp.  CHECK OUT OUR FARM HERE!  We have a exclusive selection of boutique grown CBD flower cultivated on site at 2000 feet above elevation in the Sierra Mountains, California.  Our hemp starts from hand planted seeds from our very own genetics.  Every step of our process includes hands-on work, to ensure the most delicate relationship between us and the plants.  From plant checks every morning, to weekly maintenance, our girls are cared for at every detail.  Our Sun Grown harvest happens twice a year in Spring and in the Fall.  Our curing process includes a slow drying time with minimum humidity and proper intake and outtake air conditions .  Once the flower is ready we go into trimming by hand to showcase the beautiful structure,trichomes and appearance.  Our jars are packaged individually including humidity packs for ultimate freshness.