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Fresh Harvested Hemp Fan Leaves

We have a NEW option for small leaves at a great price for those looking for this specific size!

DUE TO HIGH DEMAND DURING OUR WINTER MONTHS UNTIL APRIL ALL NORMAL LEAF ORDERS EXCEPT FOR SMALL ARE PRE-ORDERED ONLY.  All orders placed from JANUARY 21 - FEB 10 WILL SHIP STARTING FEB 21.  Thank you for your interest and support   Dates are subject to change.  Please check back next week for an update.

All hemp leaves are fresh harvested for you within 10 business days of order to provide the best material possible.


If you need a specific size of leaves for your orders please contact us ASAP after placing your order or write a memo for us when checking out(memo box will appear on the cart screen before checkout).  We will always try to send an array such as no more than 15 small leaves at 2 inches and the remaining 3-6 inches.

Packaged in vacuumed sealed bag wrapped in tissue, within a cardboard box containing stickers, COA, and order form with Letter To Law Enforcement.  For further information on how we package our orders please view our shipping page or click here for a short video of one of our actual orders going out! 


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